Saturday, 22 November 2014

First patchwork attempt

I have never tried patchwork before but having caught up with a few blogs, Tess at Driftwood you are my inspiration, I came over all inspired to give it a go.

Sewing has never been my forte, in fact I'm pretty bad at it, but Mum pointed me in the direction of Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorials and I decided this star wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility, although Mum had her doubts and said I should start with a basic block design.

Anyway, on Friday Mark took me to Hobbycraft where I picked up these charm packs. I bought 3 and there are 40 pieces in each, each one measuring 5x5 inches. I've no idea if that is a standard size and amount?
Back home and out came the sewing machine. 20 minutes later having followed the manual I had cotton on my spool and the machine was threaded.

I then spent another 20 minutes faffing around trying to get the tension and stitch size sorted out. If I'd not bought the charm packs and just cut up an old shirt instead I'd have given up at this point, but the thought of wasted money spurred me on.  And I'm so glad it did.
Because after a full day of sewing, cutting, re-threading the machine and ironing...... 
.....I have produced this. My first every piece of patchwork.
I am ridiculously proud of myself. It's not perfect by any means but for a first attempt I think it's pretty darn good. 
I'm not sure if I will continue with my single quilt ambition though! It would take approximately 28 stars to create one, so I might just make another 3 and settle for a nice lap quilt. But who knows? As Mark says one a week would take 6 months. In days gone by it wasn't unheard of for people to spend years on a quilt. 

And to all you quilters who create such wonderful pieces, I take my hat off to you. It's not as easy as it looks this 'sewing a few pieces of material together', but it's certainly very self-satisfying. 



  1. wow, that's fantastic, so happy to have inspired you and well done for such a great achievement! enjoy making the rest, it's a real accomplishment, and be Very careful of your rotary cutter when you get it, they're fantastic but they're Very sharp......... can't wait to see more of the next blocks x

  2. Hi Tess. The rotary cutter gives me palpitations! Every time I run it up the side of the ruler I think one slip and it'll be casualty and stitches. I've seen a picture of somebody wearing what looks like a chain mail glove while using one which made me even more nervous. xx