Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fancy Meal and The Reality

Thomas has been asking for ages if he can make a 'fancy meal' for us. When I've asked what he means by 'fancy' he's replied "you know like on the films when they have a banquet and the table is full of food. I want beef, turkey, lots of cakes on those high plates with big bunches of grapes. Oh and candles and those fancy pieces of paper at the side". I think he means serviettes. 

Over the past couple of weeks I've managed to lower his expectations and last night was "The Fancy Meal Night". 

Fancy meal - Line caught fish platter with a seafood dressing and artisan bread. Reality - prawns & salmon from the freezer, 1000 island dressing (homemade) and bread rolls with bits on from Lidl.

Setting the table
Thomas and Mark making their seafood dressing
 The fancy end product
Main course:
Fancy meal -  Hand carved crackling pork served on a platter. Reality - pork joint from Iceland put on a tin foiled covered tray which Mark cut at the table.
Fancy meal - A tower of chocolate sponge layered with cream and cherries and topped with chocolate shavings. Reality - Gateaux (£2 from Iceland if anybody is interested and it was massive). 
Cheese and crackers with grapes - I didn't bother to think of anything fancy for this. The reality was Thomas would probably be fed up of eating by this point and be back on the x-box. However, it was more refined than I'd imagined and the men decided to play chess. Thomas knows all the moves and is now beginning to think a step ahead.
The dress code was also fancy. I put on my sparkly top, Amy wore a dress and Mark and Thomas wore shirts and ties. There is a distinct lack of ties in the house. Thomas wore Mark's funeral tie and Mark wore Thomas' Christmas tie. It's covered with snowflakes and says HO HO HO.

Anyway, we had our fancy meal at Number 38 last night and it was lovely.



  1. Oh, well done Thomas (and, of course, his sous chef.) I think Fancy Meal Night should be a regular event at Number 38!

  2. It was good fun and Thomas really enjoyed the whole thing. I just need to rein in his enthusiasm for what's on the menu! xx