Sunday, 9 November 2014

Catch Up

It's ages since I've posted on here. There's no particular reason for the absence, although my laptop has given up the ghost and it just seemed easier not to blog than faff around with batteries etc. Plus the break has felt a little bit like being on school holiday and not having to do homework! 

So, what's been happening? Well, the camping trip went well, apart from the fact that Mark forgot his sleeping bag and spent the night shivering under a thin quilt that was only thrown in the car at the last minute 'just in case'. Thomas had a whale of a time and built his fire and managed to catch a fish.

Mark's mum is still not home. As time goes on she seems more settled where she is but is on a slow decline. There are questions as to whether carers could actually look after her properly if she did come home, so lots to think about for Mark and his Dad. 

Mark's Dad has yet another chest infection and is beginning to look 'old'. Having said that both him and Joan are made of stern stuff and will probably outlive us and the cockroaches.

We have been to Harry Potter studios in Watford which is fantastic and I highly recommend a visit, we passed on Halloween this year as neither Amy or Thomas seemed interested, did Bonfire Night which was brilliant as we upgraded our firework choice and there were plenty of big bangs, celebrated Thomas' birthday yesterday (9 years old) and Mum is coming down this afternoon for our annual Christmas cake making session.

So, all is well. We are plodding on with daily life and I feel ready to start over with my on-line diary.

Hope you have all been well. xx

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