Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Cakes and Teeth

It seems to have been all cakes and baking here at Number 38 lately.

Thomas' birthday kicked it off. I bought a £4 basic iced cake from Tesco then ordered this Minecraft cake topper for £2.50. 
 The following day we made Christmas Cake which Mum always comes down to do with us. Amy and Thomas made the cake under 
Mum's supervision. She can be slightly OCD about certain things so my job was to keep Mum sane and remind her it was all good fun even though there was flour and sugar all over the table and we had to fish the shell out of the cracked eggs. I'm not sure why she comes to be honest. It looks as though she's going through hell when she's here. But it wouldn't be the same withoug her!

 I choose a Mary Berry recipe and 4.5 hours later this was the end result. Not sure if it feels a bit dry but.....
 We have 6 weeks to, in Thomas' words 'stab and inject' alcohol into it. 
 Meanwhile, Amy made these chocolate and banana swirls in food tech this week. I wouldn't have minded trying one but the rule of the house is anything made at school doesn't get eaten. Now who's being OCD I hear you say. But after Amy's description of how it takes ages to find any properly cleaned utensils I feel justified in feeding the bin rather than us.

 She did however, rustle some cakes up at home and we had no problem eating these.
 We are busy filling a shoe box at the moment that Thomas brought home from school. They cost £1 each (the money goes towards postage costs) and you can put bits and pieces in which then get sent to children abroad. Ours will be for a boy aged 8/9. 
 We have become addicted to UNO.  Thomas got the cards for his birthday and we've played every night. We've progressed from happily slapping any card we can down to tactical playing and it has become quite competitive. We love it.
 Remember Thomas' camping trip? Here he is with his rucksack on. Can you see the frying pan Matthew tied to the bottom. The picture is a bit blurred due to the fact that it was so heavy Thomas couldn't stand still and kept staggering around. Thankfully he only had to carry it to the boot of the car.
I went to the dentist yesterday. I've not had anything done for years so was really shocked to learn I've got to have 2 fillings. Apparently from the x-rays taken I've got two small holes underneath two already filled teeth. Of course they are not on the same side, that would be too easy, so I will have to have injections on both sides of my mouth.  I'm really not looking forward to it and I'm half toying with the idea of cancelling as I'm not in any pain. Plus it's going to cost me an eye watering £200 to have them done!Talk about adding insult to injury.


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