Thursday, 2 October 2014

First Camping Trip

Mark, Matthew and Thomas are going camping this weekend. Thomas has wanted to go for ages and we've finally managed to pin Matthew down to a date, (he's the one with the tent and the equipment).

The only thing he hasn't got is a spare sleeping bag, so we bought one for Thomas along with a rucksack. He's really into army at the moment, so specifically asked for a camouflage one. Luckily good old Argos and Amazon came up trumps. 

They are going to a site in Shropshire where fishing and fires are allowed. Thomas has been researching 'how to gut a fish' in preparation for the weekend and Mark has been researching 'nearest pubs to campsite'. Being older and wiser he knows by 7pm they will all be starving and that a minnow won't fill 3 hungry tums!

I'm not quite sure what Thomas is expecting to be honest. He's written a list of what to pack, which includes a medi-kit and a tool kit. When I asked if he was taking his DS he said "No, we'll be too busy hunting". I'm sure he thinks there's going to be some sort of zombie apocalypse going on in Shropshire. The only thing he's really worried about is what to do if he's bitten by a snake. Mark is on stand-by for sucking the poison out. The torch is a wind up one, so I'm not really sure what the candle is for, but he was insistent it went in.

I think they'll have a great time. A bit of male bonding for them all and some girlie time for me and Amy. We have more dignified things planned which include shopping, the cinema and pizza.