Wednesday, 10 September 2014

This and That

We went to Manchester yesterday and Mark bought me this lovely piece of artwork. It's by Kevin Haynes an artist from Oldham. The two mills were in Lees; we lived there for a couple of years when I was a little girl. They style reminds me of a more modern, colourful Lowry. It's propped up on the radiator cover at the moment. No point hanging it up until the decorator has been next week. It's called Wash Day Monday. I've no idea how they used to do their washing all in one day. My machine is constantly on the go. 

Here are the two original mills, now demolished so that new houses could be built. 
We've had some beautiful moons over the past few nights. Have you ever tried to take a picture of the moon? It's impossibly hard to get a good shot. Here's the best out of dozens of photos.
Amy & Thomas are well into their first term back at school. For her English GCSE Amy is studying Of Mice & Men. The teacher has asked them all the buy the book. I found this study aid to go with the book and decided to buy that for her as well. It may help her get an 'insight' into the characters. Thankfully, she really likes the book so that's half the battle won. 
Thomas had his first swimming lesson with school yesterday. They all started in the learner's pool to see how well they could swim, if at all. He was so proud of himself when he came out of school. He'd been promoted to the big pool with 6 others. He's doing rounding up and down at the moment in maths and can't quite grasp the 1,000's, so we'll be practising those tonight. 
Wendy is fitting in nicely to our family. She's very good but like all puppies can be a little bit destructive. 
And she also seems to have discovered a love of digging.
Talk about butter wouldn't melt!

Week 3 of the hanging basket. Another week and it will be moved to the front of the house. I think I'll try and thread a few stems of the leafy plant through the wires to cover more of the black liner.


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