Sunday, 7 September 2014


A pot of baby chrysanthemums for Mark's Mum to brighten her room up.
My Avon order arrived. Energy is my main priority at the moment and I'll take any help I can get, whether it be in the form of shower gel...
....Or a good old fashioned hit of caffeine
Meatballs from our local butcher for tea. Spicy chili ones for Mark. Italian Herb for Amy and Mark's Dad. 
Mark's Mum, Aunty Edith and Amy. Aunty will be 91 on 14th September. I think she looks great.
 Thomas on his DS in the 'yellow' lounge. There are 3 lounges, yellow, green and blue. There are 21 residents in the home and each group of 7 has their own lounge where they can watch TV, have a brew, read, knit etc. They have their breakfast and tea in their own lounge but they all meet up for lunch in the big lounge/dining area. 
The home say that her lack of mobility is the worst case they've ever seen. When stood she is literally bent double and can hardly move at all. I think they are beginning to realise there is probably very little they can do to help her. Our next step is to get the right equipment set up at home for her. Special bed, chair, walker, hoist etc. She is desperate to come home and we want her home as well. Thankfully, because she literally can't remember anything that is said to her, she is quite happy when we tell her she is coming home tomorrow. 

Visits are draining though. Throughout the whole time we are there she asks the same 2 questions "When am I coming home" and "How are the children". She's like a machine gun. She just fires the same questions at us over and over again, bless her.


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