Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Pick up your bed

Mark's mum has moved from hospital into an assessment home. She can stay for up to 6 weeks before she comes home. The idea is she will be rehabilitated as much as possible while she's there. For us a positive outcome will be her being able to walk a few steps with her frame and being able to get in and out of a chair and bed with minimum assistance. However, I think the staff have yet to realise that they won't achieve a 'pick up your bed and walk' miracle. Bless them, their optimism is to be greatly admired. 

One week down the line and my hanging basket is coming along nicely.
Sparky has had this teddy bear for about 2 years. Amy gave it to him because her and Thomas wanted to play fetch and tug of war with him. He's a miserable doggy though and has never played with it or them.
A few days ago we started to use it to play tug with Wendy. He now stands guard over it and if she comes anywhere near it he growls. Talk about selfish! She's a bit feisty though and stands her ground. She looks like a devil dog in this photo but she's really a cutie.
We have the decorator coming in a couple of weeks. He's going through the whole house. First session will be the lounge, dining room, the kids room and kitchen. We have wallpaper on one wall of each room and all the other walls are painted white. I like a bit of colour in my kitchen though and I've chosen Soft Apple by Dulux. I'm a bit of green fan but wanted it to look brighter and lighter this time round. 

The children are back in school tomorrow. I'll miss them. The older they get the more I seem to enjoy their company. Gone are the days of playdoh, make believe and disney dvd's and if I'm truthful I'm glad we've moved on from all that.

Give me kids that can brush their own teeth and wipe their own bottoms any day!


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