Wednesday, 3 September 2014

It's safer to fall out of bed

We visited Mark's mum yesterday. As we walked into her room she was just about to roll off the bed and onto the floor. While Mark stopped her falling I went to find a nurse.

We were with her the night before when they put her to bed and she looked as though she was going to roll out then, so we asked if she could have a bed guard fitted.

Apparently bed guards are against their policy. People with alzheimers have been known to try and climb over them to get out of bed. Mark's mum can hardly move so that's probably not going to happen but rather than assess people individually there is a blanket ban on bed guards.

When I said to the nurse that it seemed dangerous not to have one, I got the reply "it's safer for them to fall out of bed". 

Apparently, this is because if they wriggle down the bed and their leg goes through the bars they could break their leg. 

"The same" I replied "as if they roll out of bed and break a collar bone, shoulder, hip, rib, leg or maybe a combination of bones". I also suggested hospitals who use bed guards mustn't realise the serious danger they are putting their patients in.



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