Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Just Busy

It's been a busy couple of weeks here at Number 38. Most of it has involved DIY, decorating and visits to Mark's mum. 

The decorator was with us for 3 days and although he tried to do one room at a time he actually ended up in the lounge, dining room, kitchen and TV room all at once, so the whole of downstairs has been upside down. It seems to have taken us ages to get everything back in place, probably because we've been de-cluttering as we've gone along. It's finally finished now thank goodness, although he's coming back in a couple of weeks to do the stairs, landing and our bedroom.

I've been worrying about Amy for a few weeks as well. Over the summer holidays she lost half a stone and was constantly tired and cold. Considering she hasn't had a growth spurt, eats like a horse and wasn't doing very much apart from lounging around I thought I'd better take her to the Doctors. The GP was really good with her and after some gentle questioning to make sure she wasn't displaying any eating disorders decided to test her for diabetes and thyroid. The results came back last week and everything seems fine, so I will just have to monitor her weight for the time being. It's hard to describe but when she hugs me she actually feels frail.

I've also started reading in school again which I really enjoy although I think Thomas is a bit peeved that I'm not in his class anymore. His Year 3 teacher specifically asked if she could have me again, which was nice. Apparently I'm capable of making decisions which is a great help to her. Get a load of me!

Mark's mum is still in the home and still asking when she can come home. Things are starting to move now, albeit slowly, to get the house sorted out for when she does leave. A hoist has been delivered and her wheelchair has been repaired. The dining room has been cleared of all furniture so that a bed, chair and small table can be set up for her. She is well past the point of needing a commode so that's one thing less to think about. When she does come home she will have carers in 4 times a day to help her. In between times Mark's dad and ourselves will be around for anything she needs. It's quite sad really. Although she still recognises us she needs prompting to do everything. So for example, if you put a cup of tea next to her, unless you actually say "have a sip of your tea" she won't even remember to drink. 

I'm hoping my next post will have a few photos in it again. At the moment I'm not 100% sure where the camera is. I also bought an ornamental apple for the kitchen a couple of weeks ago and I'm buggered if I can find it. I've had the house upside down but it seems to have completely disappeared.

Hoping to be better organised over the next few days.



  1. I'd try not to worry about your daughter (easier said than done, I know) if the doctor has checked her out, maybe she's just changing as she gets older.

    I wonder if you've accidentally 'de-cluttered' the apple!

  2. Haha. That's exactly what Mark said about the apple and I'm beginning to think the same. I'm conscious of not making a bit thing out of Amy's weight, she's at that age where you have to be careful what you say. Just don't want her to lose anymore. xxx

  3. If you are still worried about Amy you might get the doctors to test her for coeliac disease, it's a reaction to gluten which can cause the symptoms you describe x My daughter was having the same problems recently, initially the doctors thought it was school stress but now it seems to be coeliac.

  4. Thanks Tess, will do a bit of googling to find out more. She seems to have stayed at a steady weight for the past 3 weeks but the amount of weight she's lost over the past 6 months is quite a lot. Hope your daughter is coping with her diagnosis and feeling better. xxx