Saturday, 27 September 2014

Happy Birthday Joan

It was Joan's birthday yesterday. She was 84 years old. We went to see her last night with Mark's Dad even though she didn't have a clue what day it was, let alone that it was her birthday. 

Anyway, one of the staff overheard us wish her Happy Birthday and knowing we usually take Amy & Thomas on a Saturday and that Aunty Edith and Ken also visit, said they would put a little tea-party on for us in the day care room, which was really sweet of them.

One of the very few things she still gets pleasure from is food, so Amy decided she would make some cookies for her and Thomas bought her a Happy Birthday balloon for her wheelchair. Grandma was really impressed and the cookies were delicious.
We had the day room to ourselves and the staff provided sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps, tea, coffee and juice. They would have got a cake as well but we'd already organised that.  Here's Mark being 'Mother'.
 And Thomas being the 'server man'.
Aunty Edith, Ken (Aunty's son) and of course Thomas. Ken is Amy and Thomas' second cousin but he's more like an uncle to them both. Him and Amy in particular make each other laugh.
Three generations. She loves seeing the children. She looked after Amy for us when I went back to work. And up until Amy was about 9 she would sleep over every Saturday night at their house. When I think of it, it always amazes me how much things have changed over the past 5 years.
 We asked Mark's Dad to bring some old photos so we could travel down memory lane with his Mum. The idea was to re-focus her attention so that she wouldn't get agitated and keep asking when she was coming home. It actually worked. She didn't ask once today to come home, although we could do the same thing again tomorrow and it wouldn't work at all.
Aunty provided the birthday cake and we provided the candles. After making sure we wouldn't set any smoke alarms off (I had visions of the fire brigade roaring up and the home being evacuated), we got down to the most important part of the day, singing Happy Birthday.
 I love this picture. I've no idea what Thomas was saying to Grandma but it obviously made her and Aunty Edith laugh.

It was a lovely afternoon and some good memories were made for all of us. 


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