Thursday, 21 August 2014

Snapshot memories of Uzes

My blog is mainly used as an on-line diary for everyone at Number 38 to look at when we want to remind ourselves of what we've been up, hence lots of photos. Here's a few from our trip to France. 

A visit to the La Cocaliere Caves. 30 degrees outside. 14 degrees inside. 

The camargue horse parade, in preparation for the annual bull run.
Thomas overcame a few fears, grew in confidence and achieved quite a lot on this holiday. 

Including overcoming his reluctance to try new food.

I'm not a coffee lover, but the French really do know how to make a good cafe au lait

We had some absolutely fantastic thunderstorms in the evenings. Perfect for clearing the air.

There were lots of these picnic areas on the way down where you could buy a drink, ice-cream, croissant etc. Unfortunately, the facilities were always 'holes in the floor'. Needless to say Amy & myself sat cross legged until we reached a larger service station where we could sit in comfort!
Our destination. The car may have a sat nav, but there's nothing quite like following a good old fashioned map.
 Much to their disappointment we didn't find snails or frogs legs on any menus.
 Amy & Mark comparing suntans. Amy remained 'pale and interesting' throughout the holiday!
 The view from our bedroom balcony.
 One of the many towers that can be found in Uzes
 A morning visit to a local olive oil factory.

More good memories made.


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