Sunday, 17 August 2014

Meet Wendy

Here she is. The latest addition to our family. Wendy, name chosen by Thomas. She's everything a puppy should be. Cute, adorable and mischievous. 

Mark's mum was taken into hospital while we were on holiday. She just suddenly stopped walking. Apparently it's nothing medical, it's her dementia. She's just forgotten how to do it.

Mark's dad also got an appointment through for a bowel scan while we were away. He's not been well for a few weeks and seems to be losing weight. 

There were lots of phone calls going on while we were away and we've come home to hospital visits, meetings with Doctors, nursing home discussions with social services and appointments for this, that and the other. Mark's dad has all but moved in with us for the time being (he goes home to bed, then comes back to us the day after). As well as all this the children are on holiday, I'm trying to catch up with washing and ironing and I'll be packing for Amy again next week as she's going to summer camp in Wales.

I'm trying hard to take each thing step by step but I'll admit at times it's all a bit overwhelming. 

So, Number 38 is busy, busy, busy at the moment trying to get everything sorted out. 


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