Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Re-connecting with.....

Crochet - nothing too hard, just a blanket. Perfect for constant interruptions. I can pick it up and put it down as necessary.

The Garden - Most of the colour has gone now, so I bought some winter pansies and cyclamen to give it a lift.

And I planted up a hanging basket. It's years since I've done one of these. Looks a bit of a mess at the moment but give it a few weeks and the black plastic liner will have disappeared.

Reading - Something a bit different than what I usually choose. I'm not really a detective sort of girl but I'm enjoying this. Amy would kill me if she saw how I'd put the book down to mark my page. 
 My home - which at many times just doesn't feel like it belongs to me. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Snapshot memories of Uzes

My blog is mainly used as an on-line diary for everyone at Number 38 to look at when we want to remind ourselves of what we've been up, hence lots of photos. Here's a few from our trip to France. 

A visit to the La Cocaliere Caves. 30 degrees outside. 14 degrees inside. 

The camargue horse parade, in preparation for the annual bull run.
Thomas overcame a few fears, grew in confidence and achieved quite a lot on this holiday. 

Including overcoming his reluctance to try new food.

I'm not a coffee lover, but the French really do know how to make a good cafe au lait

We had some absolutely fantastic thunderstorms in the evenings. Perfect for clearing the air.

There were lots of these picnic areas on the way down where you could buy a drink, ice-cream, croissant etc. Unfortunately, the facilities were always 'holes in the floor'. Needless to say Amy & myself sat cross legged until we reached a larger service station where we could sit in comfort!
Our destination. The car may have a sat nav, but there's nothing quite like following a good old fashioned map.
 Much to their disappointment we didn't find snails or frogs legs on any menus.
 Amy & Mark comparing suntans. Amy remained 'pale and interesting' throughout the holiday!
 The view from our bedroom balcony.
 One of the many towers that can be found in Uzes
 A morning visit to a local olive oil factory.

More good memories made.


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Meet Wendy

Here she is. The latest addition to our family. Wendy, name chosen by Thomas. She's everything a puppy should be. Cute, adorable and mischievous. 

Mark's mum was taken into hospital while we were on holiday. She just suddenly stopped walking. Apparently it's nothing medical, it's her dementia. She's just forgotten how to do it.

Mark's dad also got an appointment through for a bowel scan while we were away. He's not been well for a few weeks and seems to be losing weight. 

There were lots of phone calls going on while we were away and we've come home to hospital visits, meetings with Doctors, nursing home discussions with social services and appointments for this, that and the other. Mark's dad has all but moved in with us for the time being (he goes home to bed, then comes back to us the day after). As well as all this the children are on holiday, I'm trying to catch up with washing and ironing and I'll be packing for Amy again next week as she's going to summer camp in Wales.

I'm trying hard to take each thing step by step but I'll admit at times it's all a bit overwhelming. 

So, Number 38 is busy, busy, busy at the moment trying to get everything sorted out. 


Monday, 4 August 2014

Medieval Garden

I've been to the medieval gardens in the centre of town this week. I went on my own because nobody else wanted to come, which I was secretly pleased about. It meant I could take my time wandering around without any 'how much longer' questions. I spent a good hour meandering around and apart from the last 10 minutes when a couple came in I had the whole gardens to myself. Bliss.

The gardens are smack bang in the middle of town and this is the cobbled pathway that leads you into them.
 One of the first things you see when you walk through the archway is this beautiful mosaic.
I particularly liked the tile with the farmer on.

I couldn't go through this door but there were plenty of others that were open.
The garden was packed with plants, shrubs, flowers and herbs
To help with the translation I was given a book, but to be honest although I like looking around gardens, I don't know the names of many plants and flowers so it wasn't much help really.
Although I did recognise this one.
I soon put the book away and decided to concentrate on the visual splendour of it all. 

This gives you an idea of how central the garden is. It's completely surrounded by townhouses.
I love this plant
Here's it's official name but it's more commonly known (maybe to some), as bitter apple, bitter cucumber, desert gourd or vine of Sodom. 
You can climb up this tower
Via this tiny, narrow, windy staircase. Too many steps for me I'm afraid so no photo from the top. 100 in total.

There wasn't much colour, but the different greens of the trees, plants and shrubs was amazing
Here's a little corner where you can stop to soak up the sunshine and just be. Considering the gardens are in the centre of the town I couldn't hear a thing apart from the birds and the church bells ringing.
There were lots of different sculptures dotted around the garden.
This little pathway leads you from one secret garden to another. The two doorways led into what were jail cells and now house art exhibitions.
 Inside the 'second' hidden garden where you can see the Bermonde Tower which was built in the 11th century. The Duke of Uzes actually lives in Paris but returns to the town once a month and when he's in residence the flag is flown.

 There were several rooms in this part of the garden, formerly wheat stores and cells that are now used to display the work of local artists. 
 Ever heard of the saying 'they're so ugly, they're beautiful'? It definitely applies here.
Another open door for me to go through
This led into a long room where the walls were covered in symbols numbers and words engraved into the stone work
Which then led into this wonderful room and another art display
 I just love these pink flamingos

Back out in the garden again and making my way back to the entrance.

A splash of colour amongst all the 'vert'.

Past this little window wondering who used to look out of it

Into the courtyard where I started

Then a quick back track for one more look at these walls which fascinated me.

At the end of my visit I was given a small glass of liquorice and lemongrass cordial. It was lovely and cool, the perfect refreshment at the end of a good hour wandering around a sunny garden.

Then it was off the the Place aux Herbes to meet the family by the fountain.

A perfect little bit of 'me' time.