Sunday, 6 July 2014

Peveril Castle

We decided on a trip to Hope Valley in the Peak District today and headed for Peveril Castle in Castleton. The idea was to also go down the Blue John Mines and then drive over to Eyam, 'The Plague Village'. But as usual we didn't set off as early as we intended and ran out of time.

The scenery as you drop down into Castleton is absolutely fantastic. There were cyclists, ramblers and lots and lots of sheep.
 It was easy enough to park at the Visitor Centre which is pretty much in the middle of the village. There's all the usual facilities here, toilets, cafe, shop and a small museum. 
 There's the castle (actually the Keep) on the hill, which didn't look that hard to climb to from where I was stood. But oh my! You can just make out how the path criss-crosses and it was a lot harder for me than it looked.  

It's owned by English Heritage and we paid £12.20 for the four of us to walk up. This was the first leg of the journey.
 Amy and Thomas bounded up like mountain goats and Mark wasn't far behind them, but it was a real challenge for me.
 Luckily there was a bench strategically placed at the top of each section .... 
 ..... which I took full advantage of.
 Just because I think she's beautiful. 
 After a slow walk up and with a fair few stops to admire the view, (well that was my excuse) I finally made it.
There were a couple of families there and maybe 3 couples so with plenty of space a bit of hill rolling was in order. It took Thomas a few goes to get into a rhythm but he got there eventually.

Amy has 6 years on him though and rolled down the hill like a true pro.
The view from the top was breathtaking and I felt a real sense of achievement making it to the top. We really do have some lovely countryside, don't we? If you were fit enough it would be great to carry a picnic up there and sit down and enjoy the scenery.
I gave up here. Those final steps and spiral staircase were just one ask too much. Mark very kindly assured me there was nothing much to see inside anyway so not to bother.
There is a notice explaining that the outer stones of the castle have been stolen leaving the cobbled inner on show. Really, someone must have been desperate for those stones. It's a long way up to steal a few bricks.
Back down on my usual level, we had a walk around the village eating ice-creams and enjoying the lovely weather.
Then we set off home, where having managed to avoid the Tour de France on our journey there, we somehow got tangled up in it coming back. 
It was a fantastic sight though seeing all those cyclists.
 We got home just in time to see the final few games of Wimbledon. We'd decided that it was just too nice a day to sit inside and the lack of Andy Murray in the final sealed the deal.

Can't wait to go back to the mines and Eyam, but I think it'll be late August now before we do.

We all had a great day out and it's inspired me to organise more day trips for us all. Family time, fresh air, sunshine and a bit of exercise. It's all good stuff.


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