Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Countdown to France

I've had a tick list on the go since Monday. I like a list. Especially one with everything crossed of it.

Over the past three days we've had Thomas' sports day, an awards evening, (Thomas' teacher nominated him for class champion), a charity walk, a presentation evening, reading in school and a school attendance party. We've also had to fit in a visit to Wendy, (the puppy) and a visit to Aunty Edith.

In between all this I've had to wash, iron and pack for the holiday and leave a list of instructions with Matthew who is moving in to look after the house, Sparky and Ginny.

All of the above, apart from the charity walk, involved us participating to show our support. It was very easy to see each event as "another crossed off the list", but I was determined to enjoy every one as they took place.

It's all been good fun, if a little fraught at times, but I will certainly be glad to tear up the list tomorrow morning, get in the car and head off on our holidays to France. 

Here's a photo of Wendy. She will be coming to live with us on 13th August. We are all really excited. 


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