Sunday, 13 July 2014

Bolton Abbey

We did a different 'shire' today and decided to go to Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire.

The scenery is slightly different than Derbyshire.  

But equally as beautiful and breathtaking.

On arrival we paid £8 to park the car and and after a quick 'comfort break', we headed over to the river for a picnic. Nothing out of the ordinary, just some sandwiches, crisps, fruit and drinks.

This was the view in one direction.
 With a view of the Abbey ruins in the opposite direction.
 And just in front of us and down the embankment was a pebbly cove where children were paddling.

Thomas, who was too excited to eat anything, decided to go off on his own and explore. He slipped a few times into the water between the rocks and came back with soggy socks and shoes. Luckily I'd packed spares anticipating this trip would be a wet one.

We've never been here before and although I didn't do much research a quick look on the internet told me one of the main attractions were the 57 stepping stones across the river.
 As usual this type of thing doesn't faze Amy at all and she was across that quick that Mark couldn't get us all in the photo together. Thomas amazed me to be honest. He leapt across those stones without a care in the world, with me bringing up the rear at a much more cautious pace. Look at that massive gap between us! To be truthful I thought the water would be a couple of inches deep all the way across but it's really deep in the middle, (well above my knees anyway). And the gap between each stone seems double when you're balancing precariously on each one!

You can see how deep it is already just a few feet in. 
 After a good paddle we dried off and with socks and shoes back on had a little saunter along the footpath before heading back to the Abbey, over the bridge this time!
 Where Amy came over all creative
 And took some great photos ....
... of the ruins
You can actually go into the Abbey which is absolutely beautiful and is still used for worship.

There are also several tea rooms, restaurants, picnic areas, gift shop and a little village store with a post office. It's well worth having a look at their website for all the information.

Another lovely day out, this is one place that will definitely be on the list for a re-visit.


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  1. I love Bolton Abbey, we used to go a lot, there are wonderful walks through the woods and a money tree, and a teashop with trains.