Saturday, 21 June 2014

Summer Fair

It was Thomas' school fair today. The weather was lovely again, so we picked Mum up and took her with us.

The highlight of the day was 'throw a wet sponge at the Headteacher'.  Not surprisingly, the queue was huge and we waited a good 15 minutes for Thomas' turn. He bought 6 sponges for £2 and his aim was pretty good. The Headteacher was brilliant and for those children who missed him completely they got a 'free' sponge and a close up shot. Mind you, he wasn't adverse to throwing a few sponges back at the children himself and Thomas was on the receiving end of 2 which he thought was hilarious.

There were the usual tombolas of chocolate, sweets and drinks which the children have donated over the past 3 weeks in return for non-uniform days. We had a go on each one but lady luck wasn't with us today.

Inflation can be found even at community events. Apparently tickets used to be 5 for £1, today they were 3 for £1. And there was a rumour going around that the local CofE Church charged £1 per ticket at their fair. Mind you, as Mark pointed out , their Governor/Treasurer was caught with his hand in the pot a few years ago, so they have to recoup their money somehow.

We also did a nature trail in the school garden. There is a gardening club for the children and they have a lovely new greenhouse where the children can grow vegetables and fruit. There was a smashing stall with loads of plants for sale. Both Mum and I bought a tomato plant each, although mine will have to go to live with her while I go on holiday.

All in all a good hour spent supporting the school and Macmillan Cancer.


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