Monday, 2 June 2014

Statins and Side Effects

It was the first day back at school today after half term. Mark took Thomas for me. I was awake at 3am with a headache and earache; the sort where every 20 seconds or so a sharp pain shoots through you. I'm keeping on top of it with painkillers but it's still lurking in the background.

I rang the surgery for a telephone appointment this morning - not for the earache. After 4 attempts I got through, not bad going for our surgery. It wasn't engaged, for some reason they sometimes just choose not to answer it. I've been sat in the waiting room and seen it for myself.

Anyway, I want to come off the statins that I take and need to know if I can just stop taking them. There's been loads in the news lately about statins but I'm only going off personal experience. 

I've suffered with terrible heartburn and indigestion for 18 months now which can be a side effect. I don't know if you've ever had indigestion but it's horrible and to have it every day is a nightmare. 

The other thing is I'm struggling to remember things - again another side effect. I can't retain information and I sometimes struggle to get words out. The family think it's really funny, which it is I suppose, but it can also be quite terrifying for me. 

For example the other day I wanted to say to Mark, "we need milk" only I couldn't get the word milk out. What I ended up saying was "we need to get that white stuff that we put in coffee". How bizarre is that?

Last week we went to fill up with petrol then went into Tesco. On the way out I said, "don't forget we need petrol"! Honestly, at times I feel like I'm going mad.

So, I'll be speaking to the Doctor on Thursday to see what he says. I had a full set of bloods taken 10 days ago, liver, kidney, thyroid, full blood count and cholesterol which was 3.3. I have this done twice a year. My thinking is if I come off them I can see what my cholesterol level is next time. 

In the meantime I'll be going natural and stocking up on oats and dusting off the treadmill - no kidding, I've just had to ask Mark what the proper name is for the walking machine.


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