Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Statins - 5 days on

So, I had my telephone appointment with the GP last Thursday. Basically he said anybody post heart attack really should be on statins, although he did say my dose was high and could be lowered.

I told him about my memory being bad and he agreed that this is a definite side-effect for some people. However, he said my indigestion was more likely to be the aspirin.

It was a funny conversation really. He said he couldn't advocate me coming off the statins but nor could he make me take them. He also told me exercise and healthy eating would have no impact on my cholesterol level (but isn't that what the medical profession are always banging on about with regard to cholesterol?), and that by not taking them my level would definitely rise again. 

I said I was happy to compromise and take a lower dose but he said he wanted me to stop taking them for one month to get them completely out of my system then go to see him and let him know how I was feeling. Only then would he prescribe a lower dose? 

So, the upshot is I'm not taking them. Five days on and do I feel any different? Well, I might be feeling a little less 'foggy' but not much. I've not suffered with any indigestion since I stopped taking them though, so maybe the statins were the cause of that after all.

What I am definitely doing is sleeping better. Since coming off them I'm not waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning. Instead I'm sleeping right through which is something for me.

I'll keep you posted should any miraculous recovery take place memory wise.


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  1. glad you are feeling better! hope your memory improves too, which perhaps it will now you are sleeping better, when I don't get enough sleep my brain definitely doesn't function well x happy blog and real birthday too belatedly!