Monday, 9 June 2014


The rain has been bouncing down here all morning. It's grey and dark and I've got the lights on. It's not cold though and the windows are open - I love the sound of rain.

So, a bit of a round up from last week for the 'diary'. 

On Wednesday I went to Knowsley with Thomas' class. We had a great time. We did the tour then went into the 'classroom' for a talk on Africa. I was very brave and touched a hissing cockroach. After a picnic lunch we saw the sea-lion show and even though the format hasn't changed for years it's still my favourite part of the visit. Then we headed over to the bird of prey show where I spent most of the time with my head down - I don't like birds flying around me.

I had my telephone appointment with the GP on Thursday about coming off the statins - which I have done - but I'll write about that in another post.

Friday was Mum's birthday. She's quite rightly a very proud D-Day baby. We took her to the garden centre for a coffee and she chose some bedding plants for the garden. I bought a lavender plant in a bid to encourage bees to visit me, (much to Thomas' horror), and some mint for the kitchen windowsill.

In the afternoon I went into school to do library with the children. I love it when the teacher asks them who wants to come with me and all their hands shoot up. I like to think it's because they want to be with me instead of they'd rather be with me than doing their work, but I'm not that naive. 

And on Sunday we took Sparky to have his 'hair cut'. I think I've said before we don't do fluffy pom-poms at Number 38. He gets a short back and sides like the other men of the house and I get my money's worth.


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