Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Money Pots

June is birthday month here at Number 38. We have five and in order they go, Mum, Mark, Matthew, my brother and Mark's Dad. In between all this there is also Father's Day. I've just realised that Mark shares his birthday with Prince Philip!
I usually get caught out, but this year I started a 'birthday pot'. So for once the money is there ready and waiting to be spent - now I just need to come up with some ideas. I think a chinese might be on the agenda for Mark. He loves them, the rest of us not so much. He hardly ever gets one, so that would be a real treat for him!

I bought all the cards yesterday. Most needed doubling up on. Husband/Dad, Dad/Grandad, Mum/Grandma, Son/Brother. The only person who will receive one card from us all is my brother. I don't go overboard spending on cards. The Card Factory more than meets our requirements.
I've also got another pot on the go. It's a Harry Potter pot. We've booked to take Thomas and Amy to the studio in Watford. Amy knows and is really excited. It's actually for Thomas' birthday treat, so he doesn't know. We're going in October half term - the week before his birthday - so I've plenty of time to save up for that one.
I can't believe we're nearly halfway through the year now. The next pot to get to grips with will be the Christmas one!


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