Saturday, 7 June 2014


Amy made meringues today. Or as my dear old nan used to call them mer-in-gues. She whisked together 3 egg whites and 6oz sugar.
 Then did the 'is it ready' test and held it over her head.
The best bit is always the piping and although she's only used a piping bag a couple of times before she was pretty good.
 Filling the bag is a messy job, but somebody has to do it.
 She made 5 in total, although they were quite large. I think if they were a bit smaller we'd have got 6 or 7.
 Her choice of fruit was kiwi, strawberries and tangerines all chopped up and mixed into double cream. She then topped each meringue with fruit. I think they look really good and they tasted delicious. The meringue was slightly chewy - the best sort. 
It's rained most of the day here on and off. The sun has just popped out though, so hopefully this might be a sign that tomorrow will be brighter.

Hope you all had a good Saturday. 


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