Thursday, 19 June 2014

Flowers in the Garden

Just some photos today of the garden. I've started to buy flowers that come up every year and I must admit, it's rather nice not to have to mess too much with them. I just give them a quick tidy and a topping of compost then sit back and wait for mother nature to do her thing.

I'd love a honeysuckle and jasmine plant but I'm not sure exactly where they'd go - maybe against the side of the shed. My other all time favourites are sweet peas, but with going away for 3 weeks they would just die, so I've not bothered with them this year.

Oenothera Fruiticosa Youngii or Evening Primrose, Sundrops
Red geranium - I didn't do anything to these over winter - just neglected them and let them die off in their pots, but surprisingly they've both survived and are full of buds.
Percy Winkle Pig with his Pink Geranium
Malva Rosea, more commonly known as Musk Mallow (neither names mean anything to  me!)
White Begonia which Mum donated from her birthday trip to garden centre
 Lavender - my latest addition which is doing a fantastic job of attracting the bees I want to see in the garden
 My little cluster of pots - nothing has moved since last year - just noticed my toes in the corner!
I love sitting out here. It's so peaceful, you can hear a pin drop. I just need to add some plants that smell as good as they look. 


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