Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Exercise - one week on

So, I'm 7 days into the exercise regime and I'm not sure what I think really. 

Firstly, I've discovered that 12 minutes of exercise is my absolute limit before I feel like I'm about to conk out. In this 12 minutes I can walk a fairly good paced 0.65km and burn around 50-60 calories. However, I'm that knackered afterwards it can take me an hour to recover so I've only done one session each day. The fact I'm so c**p obviously means I need to carry on exercising so I'm going to persevere. One positive is that last year I was able to walk for 15 minutes but at a much slower pace. 

Secondly, a few facts and figures. In the last 7 days I've walked a measly 4.83 kms (2.72 miles) on the treadmill for a grand total of 72 minutes. Doing this has burned a whopping (not) 440 calories. 

On top of the exercise I've tried to be more conscious of what I'm eating. I've not cut anything out but I have been enjoying meals like this lovely feta cheese salad open sandwich. 
And of course all the lovely fruit on offer at this time of year makes it a little easier to forgo the chocolate biscuits, although admittedly not all of them.

And do I have anything to show for my efforts?  Well I would like to announce (drum roll please), that this time last week I weighed in at 11.13lbs; today I weigh 11.111/2lbs.

The whole thing has hardly been what I would call motivating but I'll carry on and see what happens this week.



  1. keep at it, little and often is good, don't push yourself too hard or you'll give up, and 1-2 lbs a week is the perfect weight loss x love your blog post about the beach visit, that ogre is fabulous

  2. Oh Tess, I feel like giving up already. Not lost a thing this week. Surely 1lb should be fairly easy to lose? xx