Friday, 27 June 2014

A bit of this and that

Do you remember the saying we were all taught at school to learn the colours of the rainbow. Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain. Well today I decided I'd take a healthy rainbow photo. Only, unlike some blogs, mine is definitely not one that portrays perfection and I could only get to green! I've nothing blue, indigo or violet of the healthy variety that I can photograph. Sorry for letting the side down fellow bloggers.
I'm trying something new this week for my exercise. I've decided to extend the length of time I walk on the treadmill but go at a slightly slower pace. So, on average I'm now walking a distance of 0.75km for 15 minutes and burning around 70 calories. I've also decided to only weigh myself once a week so this is my weigh in photo from Tuesday.
Another bunch of lovely yellow roses for the windowsill. £2 for 10 stems at Lidl. 
Amy is having a clear out in her bedroom. She used to have a Build-a-Bear obsession and must have over 20 cuddly toys stuffed in her wardrobe. They've all been taken out to make room for new clothes and converse. My little girl is growing up.
A recent photo of Matthew, Amy & Thomas. Not sure if I've ever posted a photo of Matthew before. He's 28 now so there's quite an age gap between them all. However, men are obviously never too old to fight and quite often a visit from him will end in a bout of sparring between him and Mark and Thomas. There was a bit of sly poking and pushing going on while I took this which I think is why Thomas looks like he does. Amy loves being the only girl and having an older and younger brother.
Wimbledon has arrived at Number 38. I shall be purchasing Pimms and strawberries next week in preparation for the finals.


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