Monday, 19 May 2014

Rainbow Cake and Cake Pops

Amy wanted to bake Sunday afternoon. She's a cracking little cake maker and is always happy to rustle up a Victoria sponge or some fairy cakes for me.

This week she wanted to put her skills to the test and make some cake pops and a rainbow cake, so I was duly sent out to buy the required utensils and ingredients.

First up were the cake pops. She decided to make a blue sponge for a change. I've never used a silicone mould before and the cake stuck slightly so I need to check if there's anything you need to do to prevent that from happening.
She'd googled how to make them and one tip was to dip the stick into chocolate first so that it 'glues' itself into place. After a few minutes you can cover them in chocolate.
I made her pose for a photo halfway through eating one!
Next was a rainbow cake. She divided the mixture into four and added red, blue, green and yellow food colouring.
Then layered it in the tin before drawing a skewer through it to mix it up a bit.
Concentrating hard on the task in hand! She bought this dress in Wales. She came out of the changing room and Thomas told her she looked like a Christmas Elf. I think she looks gorgeous!
Here's the finished product. It turned out exactly how she wanted and tastes delicious as usual.
 I love that she can just take herself into the kitchen and bake. It's a good skill to have and the cakes she make are lovely. 


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