Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution

We had a letter home from Thomas' school yesterday. His class are taking part in the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution day on Friday. Apparently, classes in schools all over the country will be going on-line and 'cooking with Jamie'.

They're going to be making rainbow salad wraps and as you can see there's quite a list of ingredients required. Thankfully they will all be provided by school,which is just as well as I'm sure if I had to buy all that it would cost a pretty penny.

The children do have to take in an apron and a box grater though. The grater worries me slightly. I'm happy to let Thomas grate under my supervision but I'm not sure how he'll get on in class trying to grate in sync with Jamie in a 30 minute time slot. Any hint of a countdown in Thomas' life and he goes to pieces, so I'm really hoping there isn't a continual reminder of how much time they've got left.

In all honesty there's no way Thomas is going to eat the wrap and the list of ingredients seems a bit OTT to me. 

I'm not really into celebrity chefs. I'd be more impressed if the school cook went into the classroom to show them how to make something.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes. In the meantime, I'll be stocking up on the plasters and bracing myself for the fall out of the clock ticking.


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