Thursday, 29 May 2014

Cirencester Hare Festival

We've been hare spotting today. These sculptures are all around Cirencester and I think they are quite lovely.

This one is 'wearing' a baby pink jumper and stands outside our hotel.
 This rather grand looking Egyptian style one stands in the foyer of the church.
 This one is on display in a covered walkway full of shops
 And this one stands in the Woolmarket, wearing a handmade beaded shawl
According to the information leaflet there are around 50 hares dotted all over Cirencester. The aim is to spot each one and enter a prize draw. Several artists have designed them and a fair few have been sponsored by local celebrities, of which Cirencester has plenty. 

I've not researched it too much and there's no way I'm spending my holiday trying to find 50 hares, as beautiful as they are. We've seen a fair few though and it's lovely to walk into the the museum, art gallery, bookshop or cafe and bump into yet another one.

At the end of the exhibition they will go up for auction and I have to say I wouldn't mind owning one!


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