Friday, 30 May 2014

Cirencester - Bibury

There's no such thing as a bad camera shot in Bibury. I find it hard to believe I lived here once. It really is a chocolate box village.
This little bridge takes us over the stream to the trout farm. I know I'm biased but my children are gorgeous!!
The weather hasn't been as kind to us as usual, but the sun popped out for this little jaunt.
This time I bought a big £5 tub of fish food thinking it would last us ages. Did it heck! After a lot of enthusiastic throwing by Thomas it had gone halfway round.
Unlike Amy, Mark hasn't quite perfected the natural pose yet.
A good photo opportunity. This tractor is in the play area. I wanted Thomas to sit in the seat but there were about 3 drops of water on it so he refused.
 A girl is never too old for messing around on monkey bars.
 Thomas being very adventurous climbing up one handed.
This tree was blown over in the storms over Valentines Weekend. It's landed right in the lake and can't be moved until June, which is when the lake is emptied of the fish. 
This family of swans glided right over to see us. Thomas stood on the bottom step to get a better look, until mother swan paddled over to him with a mean 'don't mess with my babies' look in her eye. He shot back up onto the path pretty quickly.
 There were 7 baby swans (or cygnets) altogether - so cute. 
No trip to Cirencester is complete without a trip to the trout farm. Feeding the fish is such a simple activity but one that we all really enjoy.



  1. looks like a lovely day out xxx

  2. Oh it was. We always enjoy a visit to Bibury. It's about 25 years since I lived there, only seems like yesterday. xx