Monday, 26 May 2014

Busy Doing Nothing - Again!

Can't believe it's been a week since I last posted. Sometimes the days just fly by, although if you asked me what I'd been doing then 'busy doing nothing' would be a perfect description.

Thomas' teacher rang me last week to ask if I'd like to go with them on their summer trip. They're going to Knowsley Safari Park. I love Knowsley, we've been loads of times, so I jumped at the chance. Obviously, voluntary reading and library duties pay off at his new school!

I've had to ring Amy's school to speak to the Head of Maths. Long story short. One good maths teacher left. Other good maths teacher (Amy's) now split between 2 classes. Newly Qualified teacher brought in on supply to cover 2 out of 4 lessons. Kids messing around, teacher can't control them, Amy struggles with maths anyway, Amy's grade slipping. I was told the supply teacher won't be returning after half term - nothing to do with me by the way, she was leaving anyway.

We're going to Cirencester for a couple of days this week to see my sister. We don't stay with them, we book into a local hotel and dip in and out of all the goings on in her house as and when is appropriate. I'm really looking forward to seeing them all. There's been a new addition to the family since we were last there, a grandson who's now 6 months old. Can't wait to give him a squeeze. 

No trip is ever complete unless we go to Bibury to feed the fish at the trout farm and I think a trip to the local museum and a swim in the lake at the water park, followed by a picnic or BBQ might also be on the agenda. Cirencester itself, is lovely to walk around, lots of shops to mooch around and the church and the Abbey grounds are beautiful. I expect the visit will go far too quickly as usual. 

Hope you've all had a good Bank Holiday weekend. I'll post some photos over the weekend. 


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