Friday, 18 April 2014

Wine Tasting

I finally decided what to buy my brother for his 40th. Gift vouchers for a wine tasting evening at Manchester Wine School. I've bought double so that his wife can go along too as I always think you need a partner in crime for events like this. 
I really wanted to buy a vineyard tour and wine tasting day, but all the gift experiences I could find were for vineyards down south.

It was a last minute find, but a good one I think. Two hours of wine tasting with some pate, cheeses and bread to sample - in a bid to soak up all the alcohol I expect.

They can choose whatever 'class' they want to go to for themselves. They are held early evenings and range from an Introduction to the world of wine, Exploring France or Discovering Chile & Argentina to name but a few.

As they live near a tram stop and are always popping into Manchester, the drink driving issue won't be a problem either. 

It's the sort of thing he enjoys doing, so hopefully I'm onto a winner with this gift. 


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