Monday, 28 April 2014


After dropping Thomas off at school Friday morning it was straight on to the vets to have Sparky 'fixed'. All went well and he was home again by 3.30pm. He was a bit quieter than usual and looked very sorry for himself wearing his collar. 
He was supposed to wear it for 3 days. It lasted for an hour. Sometimes we're not very good at following rules here at Number 38. Every time he put his head down it scraped on the floor and scared the living daylights out of  him - he can be a right nervy nellie at the best of times. Thankfully, he's not bothered with the stitches at all and at his check up today, everything was deemed to be fine.

On Saturday the weather was beautiful so we decided to do a bit of outside maintenance. Windowsill washing, sweeping, weeding etc. Mark volunteered to be the weeder just so he could play with his gadget I think. I have to say though it's a gadget that actually works very well. 
Saturday afternoon we went to collect Amy's glasses. She's really pleased with them and was more than happy to take them to school with her. When I asked her how she'd got on with them today she said "Fine. I wore them in History and Megan wore them in German". What's all that about? I know girls share things but ...
On Sunday we had a lazy morning mooching in our PJ's, a big Sunday lunch and then I spent the afternoon watching 'The Help'.

And this morning my friend came round for coffee with her grandson. He's 3 and is so cute. He's just at that stage where imagination play is so much fun with him. I did get a little broody while he was here but to be honest when he'd gone, I have to admit it was quite nice not being at a little person's beck and call anymore. 

As Mark said, sinking down onto the sofa and switching the TV on, "plenty of time for all that again when the grandchildren come along".


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