Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sunshine, Sand Dunes & Seagulls

The weather was kind to us again and although a bit windy, most of the time we had sunshine and blue skies. 

Instead of walking on the beach we decided we'd take a walk through the sand dunes just behind the caravan park.

Me and my boy
 On the boardwalk
 Daddy's Girl
 Blue skies
 Synchronised Waving
According to the information board, the sand dunes are home to many varied and rare species of plants, wildlife and insects, including the marsh orchid flower, little tern bird and the natterjack toad.

We didn't spot any of these but there were plenty of seagulls flying around, who also seemed to like perching on our caravan roof and squawking at an unearthly hour every morning.
I didn't set my alarm once on holiday but was awake by 7am every morning!


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