Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Food, food & more food

Well, it's been another beautiful sunny day here at Number 38 and it seems to have revolved around food quite a bit.

We took Mark's dad to Bury with us this morning. Those couple of hours out of the house seem to do him the world of good. He treated us all to a full english breakfast in our usual cafe which was lovely.

The market is always super busy and today more so; lots of children with grandparents, although not all the children are on their school holidays yet. 

I bought some lovely yellow roses 
And a new book to read to Thomas at bedtime. Mouse Noses on Toast.
Then this afternoon I took Mum and my niece for coffee and cake to a local hotel where we spent an hour putting the world to rights then another hour trying to decide what I should buy for my brother's 40th this weekend. I'm still not sure.


I'd put a lamb shank in the slow cooker before I left and threw in some vegetables and lentils to make a casserole for tea. There was plenty of meat on here for me and Mark. Amy & Thomas won't eat it, Thomas because he doesn't like the taste, Amy because she's 14 and 'it's a lamb'. I thickened it up and we had it with crusty french bread. It was delicious.
This evening Mark went shooting at the gun club so I let Thomas watch his cartoons on the big TV in the lounge while I went for a soak and a read in the bath. Amy was on Skype talking to her friend she met at camp last year. Everybody doing what they wanted to do. Everybody happy. Bliss.


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