Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Eye Tests

It was eye tests today for Amy, Thomas and myself. Last year Thomas had his first test and we discovered he was red and green colour blind which he is actually very proud of!

I remember having hearing and eye tests at school but they don't seem to do this anymore. They do however, take a weight and height measurement in Reception and Year 6. Now, for me as a mere parent, it's easier to see whether my children look too small, too thin or too fat, but I've no idea whether their eyesight and hearing are 100%. Sometimes, the thinking of the 'powers that be' seems completely nonsensical to me.  

The upshot of our appointments is that Thomas has 20/20 vision. I'm still the same, my right eye is fine, but everything out of my left eye is blurred to the point of being unrecognisable. And Amy, bless her, needs her first pair of glasses, which she is quite happy about.

The children's tests were free. Amy's glasses were free as she chose a pair from a certain range, although she could have had any she wanted. My test cost me £25.

If I'd had to pay £25 for all of us plus the cost of glasses I would've done. There are some things at Number 38 where money just doesn't come into the equation. Having our eyes tested and being able to see properly is one of them. 



  1. my son got his first glasses recently, he looks very cute in them but we don't tell him that!

  2. Aww bless! We were there for over an hour as I needed a test which involved eye drops. During this time he'd tried on all the glasses and chosen the ones he wanted - only to be told he didn't need them. He was so disappointed. It tickles me how they all want specs - when I was little it was a totally different story xx