Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Monday

It was the last day of the Easter Holidays today. Amy and Thomas are both back in school tomorrow.

They've spent their last day mooching around the house, getting their final fix of X-box and Nintendo games, and tucking into their Easter Eggs. I think we might have over mentioned their love of maltesers to the family!
Unfortunately, the Easter Bunny no longer exists for Thomas. This is because despite being told not to come back downstairs when I sent him to bed on Saturday, he ignored me and caught me red-handed hiding the mini chocolate eggs the Easter Bunny always brings.

I carried on hiding them though and he spent a fun 10 minutes finding them on Easter Sunday. It took me ages to balance this one on the flowers, but it was worth it. It was the last one he found and we went through all the stages of 'cold, warm, hot, hotter, burning' before he spotted it!
There was no church for us this year, in fact I've not been for a few weeks now. Jealousy, one-upmanship and rudeness are bad enough in people in general, but in church it all seems much worse. 


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