Sunday, 6 April 2014

Easter Hols

Amy & Thomas have broken up from school for Easter, which means 19 days of lie-ins and no making sandwiches. Yipee! Here's Thomas writing his holiday activity list.
Thomas took his scuba diving egg into school and won first prize in his class. The entries were judged by the art teacher and going off some of the eggs, which were fantastic, I'm thinking simplicity won the day!

The hamster escaped from her cage sometime Thursday night. We spent all day Friday looking for her. We moved settees and bookshelves, looked in corners and every nook and cranny we could think of, but no luck.  At 10.30pm we gave up, went to bed and there she was. Just sat on our bedroom floor as bold as brass. I knew they could climb, but I didn't think she'd go all the way upstairs.

Amy  had her first manicure today. Our hairdresser does a loyalty card. For every treatment you get one stamp. Ten stamps = 1 free manicure. The colour she chose matches my kitchen. The first thing she said to us when she came home was "Christina says I can't do anything for a few hours in case they smudge".
Mum came for tea and we all placed  bets on the Grand National. Much to Thomas' delight his horse won. He now has another £25 for the puppy fund. Can you see the tattoos he's drawn on his arms!
Washing and ironing is on the agenda today for our trip to Wales. Matthew is dog sitting although I'm more concerned about the hamster this time!

And here's my 'selfie'. My new hair-do has been somewhat funked up by Amy. Looking good don't you think!


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