Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Book Thief

Me and Amy went to the cinema to see The Book Thief last night. I read the book ages ago and Mum text me to recommended the film. She's staying at my sister's at the moment and her grand-daughters took her to see it.
We decided to make a late night of it and went to the 9.40pm showing. It was gone midnight when we got home and I was shattered. We both really enjoyed it even though it made us cry. 

It's ages since I've been to the cinema and paid the normal viewing price and I couldn't believe it when they charged me £17.10 for the two of us! Amy then spent £7.50 on a small slush drink and a bag of sweets. In future I shall order my Friday Night Film from Virgin in the smug knowledge that watching one film a week at home is still cheaper than going to the cinema once a month.
It was worth every penny though. The film was good and it was lovely to spend some time with Amy. It's a rare occurrence these days for just the two of us to do something together.

A bit of mother and daughter time is always a good thing isn't it.


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