Friday, 21 March 2014

Puppy Love

Thomas is on a mission. He's saving up for a puppy. So far he has the grand total of £18. In his quest for funds he keeps asking if he can do jobs for me. Trouble is he's expensive. I let him sweep and mop the floor at the weekend and he charged me £2 for sweeping and £2 for mopping. In future I shall negotiate prices beforehand.

This has all stemmed from the fact that Sparky won't play with him. He's Amy's dog and would much rather follow her around the house or snuggle up on the bed with her than play fetch with Thomas.

So Thomas has decided he wants his own 'forever friend' dog. There are certain stipulations though. It can't grow very big because it has to sit on his knee and sleep in his bed. It's got to be a girl. It has to love him more than anybody else in the family and it has to be called Nina, Fleur or Misty.

The dog he really wants is a sausage dog, but I'm not too keen on them. I find them strange looking dogs with their elongated backs and stumpy little legs. 

I'd really like him to have a King Charles Spaniel so I'm using my powers of persuasion to guide him in this direction. Not sure whether it will work though. He can be quite determined at times and hard to sway from original plans.
But, whatever he chooses, it won't be arriving until after our summer holiday, which gives him plenty of time to do more jobs for me and to save up some more money.


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