Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My Sewing Saviours

Thomas' school is putting on a show next week. His class are singing Do Re Mi and It's a Hard Knock Life.

For the song from 'Annie' the teacher has asked for patched trousers, t-shirt,waistcoat and flat cap - the latter two being optional. The problem is Thomas doesn't do optional and although Mark has a flat cap we don't have a waistcoat. 

Now, one of Thomas' quirks is whatever the teacher says is Gospel. Another is, there are no grey areas in his life, only black and white. 

So, when the teacher read the list out in class, the fact that she said "waistcoat and flat cap" means that in his mind it's now set in stone that he needs these and no amount of explaining he doesn't is going to change this.

Which is why I found myself in Bury today buying material from the market stall.
Now I'm not very good at sewing. I can hem and do straight seams, but that's about it. So very early on in Amy's school life I came to realise my sewing saviours were pinking shears and wonder web. I can't tell you the amount of times I've used these over the years. They are without a doubt the best two pieces of equipment any parent could have, especially for those last minute school letters where 'your child needs a costume in 2 days'. 
Back home I started on the waistcoat and made a 'pretend' one out of a piece of old material. Using rack of eye I cut out 2 front panels and a back, then tacked them together.
As soon as Thomas came home from school I tried it on him and I have to say it wasn't a bad fit. Which meant that I could get on with the real thing.

On went the iron and out came my trusty pinking shears and wonder web. A quick lop off the bottom of some old school trousers and some nifty sewing on of patches, (thankfully in the name of art, the messier the better ....) 
And hey presto we had a waistcoat and an orphan boy.  
I have to say the finished product wouldn't win any awards but for a 5 minute stage appearance at the school show I think it will do us all proud.

And if I was choosing an orphan to give a home to, this little man would definitely be first on my list!


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