Friday, 28 March 2014

Just another Friday

Amy played squash with Matthew last night. She got up this morning and could hardly lift her arm. Reminds me of an aerobics class I went to years ago. My legs felt like concrete for days and sitting on the loo was agony. 

Dropped Thomas at school this morning and went straight to Lidl. Spent £76 which included a bunch of flowers for Mark's mum and these lovely pink roses for me.
Got home to a text from school saying Thomas had won a class award and we were invited to celebration assembly. He won one a few weeks ago but refused to go up on stage. He's more settled now though and aware of what goes on, so we were really happy when he went up this time. His award was for improved handwriting.
Mum came back from my sister's today. My niece and partner brought her home. They're leaving early tomorrow morning so we had a get together this evening. A chinwag a curry and a glass of vino - lovely.

I'm down to one book left to read. The smoking stories were ok but had the sort of endings I could have come up with at O'level English. I really enjoyed the language of flowers though. I've decided my next book purchases will be:
Weather has been cool but sunny here today. Hope it's like this tomorrow. I really fancy a drive out somewhere for a change.


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