Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hello Again

It's been a fair few weeks since my last post and I didn't really expect to be away this long. Thank you very much for the comments you've left - they were really appreciated.

So, what's been happening at Number 38. Well, according to a child psychologist Thomas has autism although I prefer to think he has 'quirks' that are actually quite endearing at times and quite embarrassing at others. His ability to tell it exactly how it is and to only have black and white with no grey areas in his life seems less cute the older he gets, but I guess that's something we will have to deal with. He is really enjoying his new school though and is a happier boy all round since we moved him.

Amy has chosen her GCSE's. She's gone for History, Geography and Cultural Studies. Her career choice of the moment is teaching history in secondary school. She also has to do the usual maths, English and science along with a tech. She's chosen food technology, the thinking being that at least she'll be able to feed herself at Uni.

I'm reading in school 2 mornings a week which I'm really enjoying. I read with Year 1, 2 and 3. The children are lovely and one of them always has a tale to tell. 

We've been busy in the garden, painting the fencing, decking and the shed. Can't wait for the sun to come out again so we can sit out and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

We went to London at half term which was brilliant. We did the dungeons, a river cruise, a bus tour, saw the usual landmarks and best of all went to see The Lion King which was absolutely fantastic.

We've booked our holidays for the rest of the year. Wales over the Easter break. Cirencester for Spring Half Term and France for 3 weeks in the Summer. It's nice to have something to look forward to.

Everything in the family seems settled at the moment. Mum is doing well, Mark's mum and dad are plodding on and Auntie Edith is looking fitter than ever.

As they say, everything in the garden is looking rosy, so I'm hoping to be posting more regularly from now on.


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