Monday, 24 March 2014

Full Fledged Mum

I know I'm a fully fledged Mum when ...

My Jean Paul Gaultier is hidden by calpol, a thermometer and a sock on my bedside cabinet.
A line of washing drying in the sun fills me with more joy than a line of vodka shots on the bar.
I'm more than happy that a toothbrush and toothpaste have stood next to the fruit bowl for the past 5 years because not sending Thomas back upstairs to brush his teeth saves me 5 minutes in the morning.
I proudly display an aborigine style finger painting done in Year 2 next to a Bob Dylan on the living room wall.
The thought of lying on chocolate rice crispies tonight in bed doesn't bother me as this is the first thing Thomas has eaten in 36 hours.
A lego magazine drops through the letterbox instead of Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire and I find myself flicking through it! 

I wouldn't change it for the world - most of the time!


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