Thursday, 9 January 2014


I don't usually make New Years Resolutions and certainly gave up the 'less chocolate, more salad' type many years ago. Failure never did make me feel good.

I did make 2 this year though. One was to try and find some sort of voluntary work to do and the other was to paint a watercolour. I borrowed these books off Mum and although I think it might take me longer than a weekend, I'm determined to produce something this year.

I've sorted the voluntary work out already though. To be honest it pretty much landed in my lap and is right up my street. Thomas' new school sent out a text last night asking for parents to go in and listen to children read.

I know from experience that there's not much take up, if any, when these sort of requests are made. At Thomas' last school there were 209 pupils and we had one Grandma reply to a similar request. When Amy was in Year 1 her school also sent out a letter and from 130 pupils I was the only parent who responded. Maybe because I had the time, no work commitments, no young children to look after and a real love for working with children. 

This was Amy's primary school. Situated right behind our house, in their wisdom the council closed it down 7 years ago and sold the land to a property developer. The school had only been completely rebuilt 20+ years ago after a fire and was the most modern school in the area. However, numbers were too low and land in the area commands good prices. All rather ironic really as there are plenty of young families in the houses and primary school places are pretty scarce in Middleton these days.  
Anyway, I would go in every week for 2 afternoons and listen to the girls one day and the boys the other. I think reading with your child is so important but from the lack of entries in the reading logs it was obvious that for whatever reason, many parents didn't. It was also obvious that some teachers didn't always get around to hearing children read very often either. So I like to think my couple of hours each afternoon actually helped and made a difference.
Anyway, I've booked myself in for two mornings per week. It'll be something for me to do and although I was more than ready to leave my office job at school, I really miss working with children. 

So, there's only the painting left to sort out now and I think that will be a lot harder. I have the materials ready, courtesy of mum, and although I'm definitely no artist I really want to have painted a decent field of poppies and a blossom tree by the end of 2014. I'll keep you posted on my progress and if you promise not to laugh will share my attempts with you.


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