Sunday, 12 January 2014

Moving Out and Moving On

Mum moved back home today. She's been with us for nearly 10 weeks and I have mixed feelings about her going. Although it's nice for the 4 of us to have our house back, I'll miss her, especially in the evenings when I tend to sit with her just chatting about things.
Before Thomas moves back into his room, (he's been on a mattress by the side of our bed since Mum arrived), I'm going to take the opportunity of giving it a thorough clean, a de-clutter and a lick of paint. He did this months ago and when I asked him why he'd written on the wall his reply was quite simple "because it's my name and it's my bedroom" in an 'isn't it obvious Mum' type of voice.
There will be no major changes decoration wise, the football border will stay and I'll just give the walls another coat of blue and white. Like many boys and girls he's really into an x-box game called Minecraft, so I've ordered this poster off e-bay for him.

It's a project that I'm giving myself a week to complete starting tomorrow. First up will be the de-clutter, the main priority being getting his Christmas presents out of our wardrobe and into his.
I already have a couple of things put to one side for the charity shop and I'm sure by the end of the week there will be more.
Not sure the watercolour will get started this week, but maybe I'll find an hour somewhere.


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