Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 

Our New Years Eve's are very understated these days. Long gone are the days when we've both crawled through the door at 3am in the morning covered in silly string! It's purely home entertainment for us now. 

To celebrate the arrival of 2014 Amy & Thomas wanted hot dogs and fireworks. Mark was very obliging but had to light the fire to try to keep warm. 

Then they wanted a game of Beat the Parents which Father Christmas left for us all, which we played while scoffing chocolates and maltesers.               
Then we watched Gary - Mum has a bit of thing for him.      

And Alfie Boe - who Mum has even more of a thing for!
On the first bong of Big Ben I'm not ashamed to admit I went into the back garden and showed my naked bottom to 2013 which the kids thought was hilarious.

We then watched the fireworks in London and joined hands to sing Auld Lang Syne. And of course no New Year celebration is complete without a party popper or two.

I've had a couple of 'this time last year moments' throughout the day, but I'm very thankful to report that so far New Year's Day has been completely uneventful even though I'm feeling a bit grotty with a cough and cold.

Hope 2014 is a good one for all of you.


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