Friday, 3 January 2014

Feeling Grotty

I've got a cough and a cold and I'm feeling pretty grotty. The cough is driving me and everybody else in the house nuts. 

I spent most of Wednesday night propped up in bed trying to get a decent breath of air into my lungs. 

Having done the usual 'let's see how quickly I can kill myself off' google search and confirming what I suspected, that a lot of coughing can put strain on the heart and that gulping for air is not a good sign, I rang the GP first thing Thursday and got an appointment.

The Doctor is relatively new to the surgery and looks very young - a sure sign that I'm getting older. She looked pretty shocked to learn I'd had a heart attack but like a true veteran of life I waved her young whipper-snapper surprise away with a mature, grown-up, at my age you've seen it all, that's life kind of attitude.

I did need her expertise with the stethoscope though and I'm pleased to say my heart sounds good, there doesn't appear to be any infection, but my airways are very tight. 

I came away 5 days worth of steroids - I take 6 each day and a bottle of amoxycillin tablets with the instructions to only take them if I feel I'm getting worse. I must have a look about me regarding my knowledge of chest infections because over the years this is the third time I've been casually handed antibiotics and told to take them if I think I need them.

We were supposed to be going to Nutters Restaurant tonight for a meal, but I'm really not up to it. It's such a lovely place and a real treat to go there that it seems a shame to waste a good night out when I'm not feeling up to par.


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