Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Cookery Lessons

Amy does one technology subject each term and this time it's food technology. Back in my day it was called domestic science.

She announced last night that the first dish she is going to make is pasta salad and could I please buy her some spiral pasta, a red pepper, tin of sweetcorn, a tomato and some cooked chicken. 

I'm not sure I'd call this cooking as all I can see them having to do is boil some water to cook the pasta. The rest of the ingredients just get chopped and thrown in.

I can still remember my first cookery lesson. We made fruit scones. It involved weighing, rubbing in, pouring, measuring (remember girls, the dough needs to be 1/4 inch deep), cutting and timing and was probably a lot more fun to do than make chicken pasta salad. You could also buy your basic ingredients from the teacher if you wanted which was an economical way of doing it. 

The total cost of the salad will be £3 - £1.99 for the chicken, 33p for a pepper, 33p for a tin of sweetcorn, 25p for the pasta and 10p for the tomato. 

The thought of eating something that has been prepared in a class full of 30 teenagers, which is then carried around in a bag for the rest of the day fills me with dread. But I will bravely rise to the challenge as my Mum and Dad did and declare it completely delicious.


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