Sunday, 15 December 2013

Twas 4 days before Christmas

Amy finishes school on Thursday and Thomas on Friday. I've planned the following to get us all over the 4 days of waiting for Father Christmas to come.

Friday: I've bought Nativity 2 DVD so we shall have a DVD night with popcorn, chocolate and turkish delight for me.

Saturday: Experience has taught me that so soon into their holidays, Amy & Thomas won't want to do anything apart from stay in their PJ's glued to the x-box or you tube, so I haven't arranged anything. However, we're off to the Lowry to have drinks with my sister and brother-in-law. They stop here most years on their way to Gleneagles and we always have a good night out with them. Mark fell into a bush last year and had to be helped out by the concierge. I tell him it's nothing to be proud of and I hope there's not a repeat this year, but I know it's falling on deaf ears.                  
Sunday: Church in the morning for us all, (even after the night before!). Then my sis and hubby will come over to see Mum in the afternoon.

Monday: We're off to the Panto. "Oh yes we are"! Snow White is on at Middleton Arena. Panto is a bit of a tradition at Number 38. We've been every year since Amy was 18 months old. The past couple of years we've been on Christmas Eve but I end up rushing around playing catch up when I get home, and I'm determined not to do that this year. 

Tuesday: First job of the day is to go and collect my order from the butchers. Then we'll all go to a local garden centre to have a look at their wonderful displays, drink hot chocolate and let Thomas visit Santa in his grotto. Back home, we'll make mince pies and watch some sort of Christmas feel good film to get us into the spirit.

Never mind the kids, I'm quite looking forward to doing all that myself! 


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